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You probably never heard of this term, 'Malaysiana'. Probably a new jargon to you. So, what is it all about? Must be something related to Malaysia, our country, that might be the closest definition that might pop out inside your mind when you heard this word. Close enough. Try again. No idea? It is alright. Let me brief you what 'Malaysiana' is all about.

While there is no any specific entry dedicated on the word 'Malaysiana' that one could find in Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka (DBP), Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia (PNM) has come out with what they define 'Malaysiana' is. According to PNM, Malaysiana is actually a word used to describe all the materials about Malaysia, published in Malaysia, by Malaysians, disregarding the forms, languages, scopes or the dates the materials are published.

Taking this definition as a major guide, Kota Buku, a government linked company under the auspices of Ministry of Education of Malaysia aims to obtain, document, maintain and also preserve all the Malaysiana materials. Besides that, Kota Buku works toward to be the copyrights agent for selected titles in Malaysiana for readily published titles and looking forward for new submissions from publishers and also individuals for unpublished titles to be developed into publications. This is important to ensure the readiness of these materials to be showcased at the international level book fairs, so that someday Malaysia will be known as one of the biggest hubs of content that is available around the globe.

Realizing that Malaysiana could be covering a lot of topics and areas, Kota Buku comes out with the 6 focused areas in Malaysiana that will be highlighted throughout the journey in collecting all these materials to be kept in one repository. Eager to know the 6 areas of focus? Let's go through them!

Islamic Banking  & Finance

All the titles that fall under the category of Islamic banking and finance, Takaful. Some of the biggest players in this industry in Malaysia which are the content owner in this area including IBFIM (Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia) and ISRA (The International Shari'ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance).

Industry of Halal in Malaysia

This area would covers the issues in Halal industry in Malaysia including the definition, researches, certifications and policies.

Hajj Management

A documentation effort that will be only  be made possible through the collaboration with the Malaysian Hajj management institution, Lembaga Tabung Haji that is well-known for its effeciency in handling the Malaysian pilgrims at  the Holy  Land of Mecca.

Malaysian Commodities

Publication titles that include  the plantation and commodities sector, comprising oil palm, rubber, timber, cocoa, pepper and tobacco which have contributed significantly to the country’s economic development.

Biodiversity in Malaysia

This area focuses on the uniqueness in the wide variety of biodiversity in Malaysia such as the flora and fauna.

Socio-cultural in Malaysia

Malaysians are known for its people variety of lifestyles which include customs and many more aspects of life such as cultural heritage and also lifestyles that might differ from others around this world. Therefore, this area seeks to bring forward these social and cultural aspects of Malaysia to the eyes of the world.

After knowing what Malaysiana is and also the six main interest areas by Kota Buku, don't you think that we as Malaysians actually have a lot to offer to the world in term of content availability by just exploring our own country? Just to add my two cents, the journey to acquire and to document all these Malaysiana materials would not definitely be an easy task, but the effort is necessary in creating Malaysia as a well known hub of content and to build our country 's very own repository in keeping all these precious contents so that we would not have to search for our own content somewhere else out there, other than Malaysia.

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