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Malaysian Palm Oil

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Retrieved on: 12th January 2017

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Sir: Considering people nowadays are inclined towards adopting a healthy lifestyle, many of them can get confused easily when choosing the right products for consumption. This is due to the fact there are thousands of products on the shelves today that have some forms of associated health claims and customers are spoilt for choices. This is true when it comes to vegetable oils.

Vegetable oils have always been an essential part of our lives. From edible products to beauty products and healthcare products, there is no doubt about the numerous uses of this natural resource that is found in abundance.

One of the most popular vegetable oils is palm oil. It is extracted from the pulp of the fruits of the oil palm. Palm oil is one of the most used cooking oils in the world and has captivated a large part of the world with the enrichment it brings to foods.

Bruce Fife, a certified nutritionist, naturopathic physician and tropical oil expert, stated in an article by Milwaukee Courier that “Palm oil is probably one of the most nutritious oils we have available to us.” He further added “Soy, corn, canola and other genetically engineered seed oils are designed to tolerate higher amounts of pesticides that are horrible for your health and the environment.”

Malaysia, being one of the world’s biggest producers, is the leader in sustainable production of palm oil. Its main product, Malaysian palm oil, is of high standards and quality. Indeed, a number of food-related organizations worldwide have endorsed Malaysian palm oil as the best choice among other vegetable oils.

The Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) works towards enhancement of trade opportunities and diversification of products that use Malaysian palm oil as the key ingredient in new and reformulated products. Conferences and seminars under the umbrella of MPOC are organised around the world, creating wider awareness on the usage and benefits of Malaysian palm oil.



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